Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Well, it's happened.  I decided to write a check for another Motor Home to be able to  take "life" forward into future dreams and somewhat 'planned' events............but,

After a year or two of learning....  innumerable hours of research, travel by auto and cross country flights, some tire kicking,  and of course some B.S.  that comes with such a search, I am now the new/proud owner of a wonderful, top shelf,  STAR SHIP "MEMORY ROADS II.
 I also believe when I shook hands(numerous times over the past few days) with the now...' prior owner's';  that both they and I were --- very well satisfied. 

We live in a changing world.  Some  'leave' this or that' .................while others 'are entering' this or that'.  Honesty and truthfulness makes it all flow.

OK,............... 'Driver's side'
New friend/past owner, Richard.
Stock interior except for the lavander/purple stuff.............changes coming!
30 minute Road schooling went very well.  For those of you that have commented on 36' vs. 40', YOU ARE ALL CORRECT!  ;)  THANKS!!!!!

Mount St. Helen's in foreground and Mt. Rainier off in distance.
Southwest flight east to NY was clear the whole trip! Nice!!


Karen and Tony said...

Congratulations! It's beautiful! Sure does look big compared to little Memory Roads.

Ron Sheridan said...

Yes... You are sssssssssssssssooooooo correct! BIG is the 'word'.
Scary, NO.
For the last few years, I 'studied' trees, light poles etc. always trying to determine, "Can I, Could I?"
so I kind of got comfortavble say, well,,,If someone else can do it "SO CAN I".

Jennifer Maier said...

WOW!! Looks awesome Uncle Ronnie. It is soo long. But gorgeous on the inside!! Great luck with it!!

chieftmc said...

Awesome looking coach, Ron.

Congrats....hope it's no where near the pain Memory Roads was !!!

Enjoy and be safe.

Ron Sheridan said...

Chief! Hello. the little 24' Tioga was a learning experiment that actually was instrumental in decision to 'move up' in size. The quality of life was fabulous in the Tioga, but just decided to MORE land travel and carry a larger payload. The little Memory Roads 24' 1991 Tioga, will be 'Kept', as my East Coast transportation and RV. It's the perfect size and I have everything renewed or upgraded, so it's a great keeper! Big 40' Foretravel that I just bought will be my West of the Mississippi Tree House!
Stay well, keep smiling! ron